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EXTROVERTS ROCK INTERVIEWS!! INTROVERTS SUCK!! Introverts approach the interview like an interrogation prior to torture. Many of the discouraged unemployed seek interview coaching because they are unbearably shy and are terrified of tooting their own horn. They show little personality and give wooden answers that project little pizzazz or insight. They fumble when asked, “Why…

External Vs. Internal Candidates

ACED OUT BY AN INTERNAL CANDIDATE? (Not always the case) FOUR INTERVIEWS FOR A DREAM JOB AND THEN YOU’RE UNCEREMONIOUSLY DUMPED You just arrived home from your third interview with a fabulous company for the perfect job.  You’ve toured the facility and met your peers and then you return home to a voice mail that…

Is Personal Branding the Flavor of the Day?

Or Can It Really Help the Invisible Be Seen? Learn tips on how to brand yourself within your company-same techniques can be used if you’re searching for a careeer. As a former marketing director, I have instinctively encouraged all of my clients to use “Madison Avenue” advertising techniques to enhance their visibility within an organization…

Leaders Beware! High Performers are Planning their Exit Now

Employers need to re-engage their high-performing employees since most are frustrated by lack of development, raises and feel over-worked and underappreciated. This provides opportunity for the unemployed and anyone ready for a new opportunity. Over-worked Professionals are Frustrated As we inch out of this recession, talented employees are beginning to actively explore their options for…

Are Past Negative Corporate Experiences Hindering your Interview Success?

Today in my Networking Group, "Career Connect Coffee Club", we focused on "cleaning up" past experiences from former corporate wars. I thought the topic was timely because many of the current members seemed like they were members of the "walking wounded", angry and depressed from the manner in which they were laid-off or "forced out" of…

“Plan B” Jobs with 9News

“Plan B” jobs are positions that people seek to “bridge the gap” either financially and/or emotionally.

Watch the 9News interview with Kate about Plan B Jobs. What are they and who is doing them? See Kate in action with the Career Connect Coffee Club (see below) that meets every Tuesday morning at the Stella's Coffee Shop.

Plan “B” Jobs

With the downturn in the economy and with whole industries contracting with huge layoffs, many job-seekers need to consider alternative directions while they determine a new option. “Plan B” jobs are positions that people seek to “bridge the gap” either financially and/or emotionally.  These jobs provide needed structure, a bit of financial relief and an…

Salary Negotiations

There's a lot of advice on this blog about how to interview: Tell good stories, ask good questions, be a closer. But here's only one most important thing to remember: when it comes to discussing your potential salary, never give the number first. The right answer to the question, "What's your salary range?" is almost…

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