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Question: When I was reading through your website and found this:

“I just left a horrible corporate situation where I felt targeted and bullied. I am resisting jumping back into my job search because I’m afraid this will happen again.”

You absolutely nailed the torment I feel right now! That is how I have felt on my last five jobs and the last one I endured for five years with them firing me and accusing me of being a "cheat" for doing policies my management implemented. They took away all vacation pay and unemployment benefits. I feel this is wrong and want to know what am I to do next? Perhaps you can help.

Answer: It sounds like you’ve really had a rough “go” of it.

First of all, know that you don’t deserve this and you need support NOW!  I suggest that we meet as soon as possible so  we can begin the recovery process.  Unless you “clean-up” what your past has brought you, it will come across in interviews and perhaps you might be drawn to a similar dysfunctional workplace.  I know this sounds crazy but it often happens... like someone who marries more than one alcoholic.

I also facilitate groups of “survivors” who support each other in moving forward.  I don’t currently have one going but seems like the time might be right to start one again.

No matter what…let’s talk soon!

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