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Career Change Readiness Test

Take this test to see if you’re ready to leave your current job behind and find a better fit.  Check-out your level of burn-out and readiness to jump into your new career!

  1. I dread getting up for work on most mornings.
  2. I am bored with most of the tasks I am required to do.
  3. Sunday nights are filled with anxiety and dread.
  4. I feel more tired all the time, even though I'm getting enough sleep.
  5. I am loosing my temper more easily than ever before.
  6. I find myself daydreaming quite often.
  7. I procrastinate until the last minute for required duties.
  8. I do not respect the leaders or culture of my employer.
  9. I participate less in outside activities with my co-workers.
  10. I make mistakes in my job more often than I used to.
  11. I am not using my talents on most days.
  12. I do not feel valued for my contributions at work.
  13. Even if there was a way to move up in the organization, I'm not interested.
  14. I am not passionate about my work.
  15. My only good day at work is payday.
[/numbered_list] Give yourself one point for every yes answer.

If your total is:

6-9 points-You're slightly burnt out but possibly its the organization, rather than job duties that's not working for you.

10-12 points-You're ready to give yourself the pink slip.  If you don't start making plans to transition out, you might be asked to resign.

13-15 points-Hire a career consultant now!  If you don't actively engage in a career search, you're going to meltdown at work and leave on bad terms.