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Career Transition Survival Assessment

Switching gears and moving from one career or job to another can be stressful and draining. Everyone handles the challenges and obstacles differently, take Kate’s test to gauge if you’re taking the necessary steps to stay sane and land your next job.

  1. Do you keep a written schedule to organize your weekdays?
  2. Do you exercise 3-4 times a week?
  3. Do you have a transition business card so networking contacts can reach you?
  4. Do you have a spreadsheet or list of your networking contacts that includes dates on when to follow-up?
  5. Do you have a good idea on your targeted position? Or if you aren’t sure yet, are you exploring potential fields/companies/positions?
  6. Do you attend at least two networking appointments a week?
  7. Have you taken any classes (or do you plan to take any) to improve your marketability or to add new interests to your life?
  8. After you submit a resume do you always follow-up by calling or e-mailing the company?
  9. Are you sleeping well or what’s normal for you?
  10. Do you have an idea of a ‘Plan B’ job (something that you would be willing to take while you continue to search?)
  11. Do you have a good “elevator speech” (a short concrete description of your skills and what you’re looking for) that you’ve used successfully when networking?
  12. Do you regularly talk to friends or family to get support during this difficult time?
  13. Have you created a transition budget that has helped you to cope with decreased income?
  14. Do you know exactly when you need to actively seek a Plan B job due to financial concerns?
  15. Have you contacted your entire network (family, friends, former co-workers, bosses, etc.) to ask for assistance in exploring new careers or companies or to ask for ideas in helping you land?
  16. Do you have an updated profile on “Linked-In” and a network of at least 50 contacts?
  17. Have you practiced interviewing and are prepared for traditional, behavioral and panel interviews?
  18. Have you refined “your brand”?  Do you know how you are different or better than other professionals in your field?
  19. If you’ve been out of work for more than eight months, are you expanding your targeted geographic area or job description?
  20. Have you seriously considered seeking contract work or working with a temp agency?


Look over the questions and give yourself one point for every yes answered.
•    If you scored 16 or above, you are handling your transition fairly well.
•    If you scored 10-15 you definitely have some areas to work on.
•    If you scored below 10 you should call Kate immediately!