Career Strategist and Performance Coach
Matching Talents to Opportunities

Career Transitions

Career Discovery

“I want to make a change or discover what I want to do, but I don’t know where to start!”

If you’re stuck in a career and don’t know what to do, I can help you find a new direction by clarifying your strengths, passions, values and skills. This includes using empirically proven assessments and value clarification exercises that will move you toward your goal.

I'll use my vast network of professionals to connect you with people in the fields you are considering, so you can gather the information needed to evaluate possible options. This type of exploration will help you to match your talents with marketplace opportunities.

We’ll work together to develop a plan to move forward. The personalized plan might include additional training or re-creating your resume to emphasize your transferable skills. I'll assist in developing search strategies that are specific for your focus. I can also assist by polishing your interview skills and teaching strategies to be successful during salary negotiation.

Career Search Skills

“I need a job NOW!”

If you have been laid off or your search is taking much longer than you had planned, I will utilize my wide network of contacts to get you moving now!

I'll lead you through the process of crafting a job search strategy that targets specific companies and industries. We'll identify the necessary tactics to achieve your objective which will include; scheduling informational interviews and creating targeted job proposals and resumes. Interview practice and salary negotiation support will follow.

If your job search is taking longer than acceptable, we’ll develop a “Plan B”, which may include finding stop-gap work, contract work, new training, working with a staffing agency or a combination of jobs (a portfolio career).

Interview Prep

“I need to make this interview count!"

Preparing for an interview is similar to getting ready for an audition. I'll work with you to understand what your audience wants and needs from a candidate. We'll practice how to match the style of the interviewer and the culture of the company.

Learning to identify company pain points and successfully articulate how you can offer value and solutions is important to landing the job.

Package includes:
1. Pre-interview prep guidance (what you need to know/do BEFORE the interview).
2. Pre-interview guidance on typical questions you might be asked, including what you should ask to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and fit.
3. 90-minute practice role-playing with Kate as the interviewer. Immediate feedback will be given after each answer or at the end of the interview based on your preference.


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