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Why Your Job Search Sucks

Many clients come to me frustrated by their “spinning head” which comes from considering way too many options - maybe this, maybe that... or then again maybe “I’ll start my own business.” Or their target is way too wide, like “operations” or “a position where I can work with people”. What all this paralysis is…

Online Presence

DO YOU HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE THAT PROMOTES YOUR CAREER? Do you blog? Do you have a detailed "Linked In" profile with at least 100 connections? Do you Tweet or use Facebook? If you answered no to even one of these questions, join the 21st Century and build your brand NOW! Perhaps you're saying, but…

Surviving the Next Downsizing

Of all the people I coach, one of the most difficult categories I teach is the folks who have been laid off several times. Their resumes look like patchwork quilts. Even if they aren’t, they definitely look like job jumpers. Some are in industries that have been notorious for buy-outs and downsizing (telecom, media, or…

Looking for Love and Your Career in All the Wrong Places

My newly single friend, Mary, was determined to find a great guy to date and was even up for Mr. Right…so she made her top ten list of “must haves” in the perfect guy: Taller than her Creative Sense of humor Denver guy Spiritual Stable financially You get the idea... she was intent on imagining…

Using Acronyms

When and how should acronyms be used during a job application or interview?

Part One: Women Tell It Like It IS and Provide Real Leadership

So why are both corporations and our country still MISSING THE BOAT? As a “dyed-in-the-wool” Democrat, watching the Republican Convention last week took a great deal of perseverance and determination... until I heard the speeches of wife of the nominee, Ann Romney and another woman, who was never my favorite politico, former Secretary of State,…

Landing a Great Rental is Like Landing a Great Job

LIKE MANY PLACES IN THE COUNTRY, THE DENVER RENTAL MARKET IS HOT... THE JOB MARKET IS NOT! I had a real a-ha moment today about how landing a job is similar to landing a great rental. My husband and I own a duplex in Congress Park and are spending our Sunday night discussing the virtues…