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External Vs. Internal Candidates

ACED OUT BY AN INTERNAL CANDIDATE? (Not always the case) FOUR INTERVIEWS FOR A DREAM JOB AND THEN YOU’RE UNCEREMONIOUSLY DUMPED You just arrived home from your third interview with a fabulous company for the perfect job.  You’ve toured the facility and met your peers and then you return home to a voice mail that…

Is Personal Branding the Flavor of the Day?

Or Can It Really Help the Invisible Be Seen? Learn tips on how to brand yourself within your company-same techniques can be used if you’re searching for a careeer. As a former marketing director, I have instinctively encouraged all of my clients to use “Madison Avenue” advertising techniques to enhance their visibility within an organization…

Are Past Negative Corporate Experiences Hindering your Interview Success?

Today in my Networking Group, "Career Connect Coffee Club", we focused on "cleaning up" past experiences from former corporate wars. I thought the topic was timely because many of the current members seemed like they were members of the "walking wounded", angry and depressed from the manner in which they were laid-off or "forced out" of…