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Interview Boot Camp 2.0 on November 9, 2013

Successfully Marketing Yourself As A Brand

Branding is not just a buzzword – it is an effective tool used to create visibility and accelerate advancement within an organization. Learn how to communicate your value and differentiate yourself from others within your organization.

This dynamic seminar will lay out basic marketing concepts like targeting your market and communicating with your target in their preferred style.

The workshop concludes with each participant developing their own unique “branding statement”. It will clearly illustrate the benefits they provide to their organization.

3-hour seminar

Teambuilding: A Group is Not a Team!

The most powerful teams are bonded together. There is a mutual trust among team members. In this seminar, experiential exercises are customized for each group so they can begin the process of bonding and building trust.

Team members will be led through a series of exercises that contrast the effectiveness of individual problem solving versus paired and group problem solving. The strengths and skills of each member will become apparent in this process.

Participants will be encouraged to deal with issues that block “team-work” in their workplaces (such as egos, turf protection, information hoarding and lack of trust).
Strategies to deal with each of these roadblocks will be discussed.

Action plans will be created by each team member in order to allow this experience to make a difference in their lives. The seminar will conclude with a discussion on how teams work (or do not work) in real-life situations.

All day session (off-site location preferred)

The Generation Gap: Understanding the Dynamics of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial (Gen Y)

Workplaces today are filled with three very different generations of workers, each with diverging values, working styles and goals. Often this situation is complicated when a Gen X or Y manager is supervising a Baby Boomer.

This interactive workshop will provide role-playing exercises so that participants can experience why the “generation gap” can cause communication difficulties.

Participants will also become familiar with the values and communication styles of each generation. This timely knowledge will help to diminish the conflicts that can arise when these innate traits are misunderstood.

3-hour session

Myers-Briggs: A Look at Your Personality and Communication Style

Learn how to communicate better at work and at home, by analyzing your results from the Myers-Briggs personality assessment. The Myers-Briggs is based on a psychological viewpoint derived from Jungian theory.

By participating in this session you will understand what motivates you and others. You will learn how to communicate better with those who see things very differently than you do.

This is a great team-building activity since it helps co-workers understand why they connect more easily with people who have similar profiles and why some people are more challenging.

Role-playing exercises are included that provide practice communicating with team members who have a very different type of personality.

3-hour session

Leading Effective Meetings

How productive are your meetings? Too often organizations become mired in a “let's meet to decide if we need a meeting mentality”. Meetings become nightmares that distract the staff from spending their time “doing” their work.

Many meetings serve as an arena for power struggles where private agendas are played out. This workshop will teach you how to develop a “problem analysis model” which sets expectations for each meeting. Kate will teach you how to structure an agenda that is designed for success as well as accountability.

When you return to work after this compelling seminar, your new meeting skills will result in action items and the wheel- spinning will be minimized.

3-hour session

Assessing a Downsized Organization Using Employee Surveys

Too often leaders do not take the necessary steps to ensure the success of a downsizing. Many downsized organizations do not succeed even though expenses have been drastically cut.

It is essential that organizations take a detailed look at the morale, problem issues and challenges facing companies today.

The survey developed by Kate Culligan Associates is a perfect tool to use to assess the baseline of the new company culture.

This workshop reveals the benchmarks of successfully downsized companies and makes recommendations on how to best address the concerns of survivors.

3-hour session

Career Transitions: Live Your Passion!

In your work life, which elements are absolutely non-negotiable? What are you truly passionate about? This workshop will enable you to discover what is non-negotiable for you in creating a satisfying work life.

You will have the opportunity to take a close look at your values, career anchors and the parental influences that you may be modeling or rebelling against.

Results from several assessments such as the Strong Test and Career Anchors will be used in group exercises that will help you to clarify your passions. Finally, you’ll develop an action plan with a timeline so that you leave with quantifiable goals for success.

6-hour session (morning and afternoon)

Optional individual coaching can follow this workshop

Networking: The Key to Personal and Career Success

Are you comfortable with “small talk”? At meetings, conferences and social events, “small talk” can be an essential and valuable networking tool if you have the right skills.

There are four goals for using “small talk”: to enjoy the moment, engage in connections, exchange information and explore future business opportunities.

You will learn specific skills for engaging in networking. Also, you will get to practice a variety of ways to promote your ideas and find out what you are looking for as you network.

3-hour session

Survive and Thrive During Transitions

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented and unrelenting change that creates stress, fear and decreased productivity. This workshop utilizes the groundbreaking work of William Bridges.

Kate will walk you through the stages of a transition and show you how to develop coping strategies. You will also have the opportunity to take a baseline stress test so you can evaluate the factors that are creating additional pressure in your life.

3-hour session

Strategic Planning/Brainstorming - Daylong Retreat

An unbridled day of fun! You will use creativity exercises and play to help you to get out of your box so you can identify “big hairy audacious” goals for your organization.

The day will begin with Kate’s famous “Pink Elephant” exercise. Participants will be encouraged to anonymously voice concerns that no one has wanted to acknowledge, but might be holding the organization back.

At the end of the day, goals will be prioritized and teams will be created to develop action plans. (This session is most effective if it is done off-site in a comfortable environment.)

6-hour session

Creating your Encore: It’s Not Your Father’s Retirement!

As thousands of Baby Boomers envision retirement it has become apparent that most need to take a hard look at the realities of what this will mean as they face this transition.

Those who have successfully created fulfilling “encores” show that preparation for this change takes a lot of soul-searching and support. Since 85% of retiring baby-boomers plan to work at least part-time, it is essential that people take a look at their passions and skills in order to create an exciting future.

This seminar reveals the four essential lifestyle features that need to be included to create a great encore. Interactive exercises prepare pre-retirees to take concrete action steps to incorporate these features into their lives before they walk out the door of their main career.

1-hour keynote speech, 3-hour seminar and 3-month support groups (or individual coaching.)

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence: A Valuable Career Success Strategy

A high “emotional quotient” directly correlates with career success. In fact, EQ is twice as important as IQ.

As the seminar begins, you will receive the results of your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (Bradberry & Graves). You will learn key strategies that are designed to enhance your emotional intelligence and lead to improved performance.

3-hour seminar followed by at least five individual coaching sessions