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If you feel like there’s a target on your back at work, READ THIS NOW!

Today, I received a panicked call from a client who is a program director at a large nonprofit organization. She has had a successful three-year run, but, with a recent change in leadership, she felt she could be weeks away from being let go. After giving her the best advice available for right now …BREATHE……

Don’t Get Voted Off the Island – Master Office Politics

During my seminar on the “Art of Office Politics,” I ask the audience to list the top three dysfunctions at their current organization. Each time I ask a group to share their experiences, the responses get more extreme and these pissed- off employees are absolutely sure that their office is the most dysfunctional organization in…

Surviving the Next Downsizing

Of all the people I coach, one of the most difficult categories I teach is the folks who have been laid off several times. Their resumes look like patchwork quilts. Even if they aren’t, they definitely look like job jumpers. Some are in industries that have been notorious for buy-outs and downsizing (telecom, media, or…