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Landing a Great Rental is Like Landing a Great Job


I had a real a-ha moment today about how landing a job is similar to landing a great rental.

My husband and I own a duplex in Congress Park and are spending our Sunday night discussing the virtues of three sets of potential renters. I’m amazed at the differences in the approaches of the “wanna-be” renters. Their differences reminded me to remind my career coaching clients to follow three basic but essential “getting hired” rules:

  1. Be one of the first to answer the ad! I placed the listing on Craig’s List on Friday night. I heard from these three groups by Saturday morning. The top three contenders called, e-mailed and were flexible about meeting us at the property, when we found it convenient (not them). I continued to get many more calls and e-mails about this property, but I didn’t want to waste any more time on this process. Many employers are receiving 100+ resumes for each job posted. Most stop looking at resumes once they’ve found several to interview; so if you’re late “in” you won’t even be looked at.
  2. Be personable and passionate in your communication with your potential employer. Tell him/her a story.One of the potential tenants created a “brand” for her group that really struck a chord with us; “We listen to NPR, we love to cook and make jam and we’re way beyond partying…” I liked them before I met them! Actually connecting with them just completed the rest of their story.
  3. Follow-up and show the new boss you’re serious about wanting the job.The number one thing we are looking for in potential renters is someone who will love our property as much as we do and who will take care of it like it was their own. Same thing applies with a potential job. Your potential new employer wants someone who really wants the job, likes the company, and also likes the boss! The best way to communicate your passion is to follow up and tell him/her why this is a perfect fit for all. This is not stalking – it is good business. I’ve eliminated one group of potential renters who failed to follow these simple rules. They are GenY’s who in my experience are generally timid about calling and hustling. They’re used to their parents doing this for them… Don’t be like that.

So get a great rental or great job… be first, be creative, and keep in touch! Most hiring managers or landlords are on overload and they need and want potential renters/employees to take the lead in communicating their intentions and their value. Don’t be a stalker, but be proactive, professional and tell them how you’re different from and better than the competition.

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