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Introverts approach the interview like an interrogation prior to torture.

Many of the discouraged unemployed seek interview coaching because they are unbearably shy and are terrified of tooting their own horn. They show little personality and give wooden answers that project little pizzazz or insight. They fumble when asked, “Why I should hire you”.

So, they practice with a career coach and craft a well-rehearsed answer…. the standard, “adding value” to the potential company, noting specific strategies to solve the organizations current challenges blah, blah, blah.
Enthusiasm, smile, quiet laugh followed by strong, hard-hitting questions back at the interviewer showing that THEY GET IT!! Done-coached introvert moves on to the next round of interviews.

Logically one would assume extroverts float through interviews without a bit of angst.

Yes extroverts actually enjoy interviewing and they usually come out of the audition with comments like:  “I really connected with the hiring manager!”

I rocked it!”  They wait for the follow-up call, sure to be chosen as a top candidate.  Wrong!!!

Many extroverts get way too comfortable in the interchange.  They start using a more informal style of language and most devastating …..

THEY TALK TOO MUCH! They fail to put periods on their sentences and jump from topic to topic because they have soooo much to share with the interviewer, who they are sure is fascinated by everything that comes out of their mouths.

The overwhelmed interviewer fails to get the “punch-line” and is lost in the enthusiasm and ramble of the very engaging, sort of ADD candidate (not all extroverts have ADD).

Extroverts need interview coaching too!!

How to use silence.  How to listen thoughtfully and ask a question about the question.  How to get to the point in the front of their answer, not buried within their stream of consciousness.

They need to pass the hot potato back to the interviewer. And not hold it until it cools and the interviewer has begun checking their iPhone.

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