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Career Connect Coffee Club Update

Until further notice all Career Connect Coffee Club meetings will be virtual on Zoom. Stay Safe.

Why Hire a Career Coach?

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  • Have you outgrown your current role/company?
  • Need help to succeed in a new leadership position?
  • Facing impossible office politics?
  • Have you been laid-off, downsized or right-sized?
  • Feel like you have never found your groove?
  • Too many interest make it difficult to focus?
  • Need a job now and hate to network?
  • Need a mentor, a personal strategist?

Kate Culligan has 15+ years focused in assisting professionals advance their careers and manage transition. She has a master’s degree in organizational performance from Colorado State University and numerous certifications in coaching, training and critical assessment analysis. She has multiple clients that she’s successfully helped coach to life-changing results and graciously shares her broad network of professional contacts with her clients


  • Feeling a bit lost?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Need a career reboot?

No worries---Kate is available to help define personal strengths, skills and values through assessment testing and consulting. She also assist her clients to define a clear-cut career strategy so that any tactical activities are focused and support the overall objective. To quote an old proverb:

"What's the use of running if you are not on the right road."

If you're looking to reinvent yourself and need to set both short-term and long-term goal objectives, Kate offers the guidance and tools to reassess and get focused.

Contact Kate today and take control of your career.

Coffee With Kate Each Tuesday!

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Join Kate for her Career Connect Coffee Club networking events each Tuesday morning at 9am. The group offers job seekers support, information and networking opportunities to help with career transition. Kate’s upbeat and funny quips can help make a stressful time manageable and you’ll meet some amazing folks in the same situation. Kate discusses a new topic each week or brings in knowledgeable resources to share their expertise. Check out the upcoming topics below:



Career Strategist Kate Culligan coaches job seekers during turning points in their careers to develop their brands, land fulfilling jobs or move to the next level within their current organization.


Disengagement is costly! Kate offers corporate consulting that includes assessment, customized training, and coaching to strengthen employee productivity and create a positive culture.


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Read some of Kate’s thought-leadership and informational articles on hot topics including; managing office politics, articulating your brand and salary negotiation.