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6 Tips on Passing the Dreaded Pre-Employment Assessments

6 Tips on Passing the Dreaded Pre-Employment Assessments Advance Preparation is the Key to Gaining Access to a Company’s Front Door Today I coached a fairly senior software account executive who was sure he blew landing his dream job because he failed one of the online tests he was asked to take. It was a cognitive...

Negotiating Your Salary Narrows the Gender Gap

In preparation for an upcoming presentation, I did my usual over-the-top research on the latest numbers regarding the salary gender gap. I was surprised to find that, even though our unemployment continues to drop, the real money most often goes to men. Consider these stats: Women earn $.78 to $.84 on the dollar for comparable roles...

Ready to Jump Ship?

jumpship Before You Do, Figure Out if the Problem Is: Your Playpen, Playmates or Play? Today, I coached a very burnt-out, frustrated client on how he could exit his current position as a software engineer for a large telecom company. After he vented about the bad and ugly...

Creating Your Encore – It’s About More Than Your Portfolio

Untitled-300x119 Denver has more baby boomers per capita than any other major U.S. city.  Most are anxiously planning their financial future and the “who, what and where” of how they’ll spend their “Third Act” or “Encore.”  As we recovered from the financial crisis, many delayed their retirement, but...

Before Your Interview Ask These 7 Questions

Everyone’s heard about how to prepare for an interview:

  • Dig-into the company’s website and their competitors’ websites
  • Google the company and see if they’re in the news
  • Talk to someone who works there etc. etc. etc.
But you’re missing the most important step of all. Before you do anything else, contact the HR/recruiter pro (or if it’s...

Don’t Get Voted Off the Island – Master Office Politics

During my seminar on the “Art of Office Politics,” I ask the audience to list the top three dysfunctions at their current organization. Each time I ask a group to share their experiences, the responses get more extreme and these pissed- off employees are absolutely sure that their office is the most dysfunctional organization in...

Why Your Job Search Sucks

Many clients come to me frustrated by their “spinning head” which comes from considering way too many options - maybe this, maybe that... or then again maybe “I’ll start my own business.” Or their target is way too wide, like “operations” or “a position where I can work with people”. What all this paralysis is really...

Online Presence

DO YOU HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE THAT PROMOTES YOUR CAREER? Do you blog? Do you have a detailed "Linked In" profile with at least 100 connections? Do you Tweet or use Facebook? If you answered no to even one of these questions, join the 21st Century and build your brand NOW! Perhaps you're saying, but...

Surviving the Next Downsizing

Of all the people I coach, one of the most difficult categories I teach is the folks who have been laid off several times. Their resumes look like patchwork quilts. Even if they aren’t, they definitely look like job jumpers. Some are in industries that have been notorious for buy-outs and downsizing (telecom, media, or...