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Negotiating Your Salary Narrows the Gender Gap

In preparation for an upcoming presentation, I did my usual over-the-top research on the latest numbers regarding the salary gender gap. I was surprised to find that, even though our unemployment continues to drop, the real money most often goes to men. Consider these stats: Women earn $.78 to $.84 on the dollar for comparable…

Plan “B” Jobs

With the downturn in the economy and with whole industries contracting with huge layoffs, many job-seekers need to consider alternative directions while they determine a new option. “Plan B” jobs are positions that people seek to “bridge the gap” either financially and/or emotionally.  These jobs provide needed structure, a bit of financial relief and an…

Salary Negotiations

There's a lot of advice on this blog about how to interview: Tell good stories, ask good questions, be a closer. But here's only one most important thing to remember: when it comes to discussing your potential salary, never give the number first. The right answer to the question, "What's your salary range?" is almost…