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Workplace Coaching

“I’m currently working in a difficult environment. I need some support so I can make the best of this situation and survive”

Perhaps your current job utilizes your skills and talents but you need support working with a difficult boss or staying on track in a dysfunctional political atmosphere. I can provide workplace coaching to help learn new skills that will help you to thrive, rather than just survive your current job.

We will utilize valuable assessments that will help you understand your emotional intelligence and your communication style. Once known, we'll identify more productive and successful ways to effecively communicate with team members and management.

Many clients consult with me on an “as needed” basis throughout their careers. Some corporations will pay for these services as an employee engagement tool.

Coaching for PTSD from the Corporate Workplace

“I just left a horrible corporate situation where I felt targeted and bullied. I am resisting jumping back into my job search because I’m afraid this will happen again.”

I specialize in helping clients identify the red flags that inevitably come up early in these debilitating situations. You’ll learn about your role in this dynamic and determine if earlier family or work situations have made you vulnerable to becoming targeted.

Finally, we'll develop a plan that will help you take “baby steps” toward re-engaging effectively. You’ll learn skills that will allow you to become a strong and “centered” contributor to a team and less vulnerable to potential bullies.

Coaching to Identify and Eliminate Career Sabotaging Behaviors

“I’ve been laid off three times even though my skills are up-to-date and I always exceed performance requirements. I’m beginning to think my behavior in work groups may have more to do with this than my job performance.”

I recommend you take my Career Sabotaging Behavior Assessment and find out if your hunch is correct.

Perhaps you’re a perfectionist, who isn’t able to sense the urgency required for today’s workplace. Or, you could be a “pot stirrer”, which is the employee who questions everything management is presenting, often doing so in team meetings.

There are eight major types of self-sabotaging behaviors. This type of behavior will repeat throughout your career until you own it and change it.  I'll work with you to identify ways to be self-aware and overcome this personal challenge.

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