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Encore Planning

As Baby Boomers prepare for their retirement years, most are filled with anxiety and apprehension about how they will spend their time after they ramp down their corporate careers. For most, this is not just about the need to continue to make some money to supplement their retirement funds, but rather how will they can stay relevant, engaged and busy. Many boomers envision time for home projects, travel, golf, bridge and grand-kids. But studies have shown that often, after a few years of these endeavors, boredom sets in and some actually return to their former full-time careers. This can happen even though their energy level makes it very challenging.

Encore Planning consulting provides seminars, group and individual coaching that focus on supporting boomers while preparing for the next stage. Thoughtful planning ahead of time allows you to consider options and create new possibilities to balance this period of your life emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Ideally, this planning process begins at least three years prior to your actual transition, which can involve a slow ramp down, moving to part-time employment and/or consulting for your current company. I help clients create an encore that fulfills long-unexplored interests with the flexibility to adapt to changing situations.

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