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Creating Your Encore – It’s About More Than Your Portfolio

Denver has more baby boomers per capita than any other major U.S. city.  Most are anxiously planning their financial future and the “who, what and where” of how they’ll spend their “Third Act” or “Encore.”  As we recovered from the financial crisis, many delayed their retirement, but reality looms around the corner. At some point,…

Online Presence

DO YOU HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE THAT PROMOTES YOUR CAREER? Do you blog? Do you have a detailed "Linked In" profile with at least 100 connections? Do you Tweet or use Facebook? If you answered no to even one of these questions, join the 21st Century and build your brand NOW! Perhaps you're saying, but…

Break the Bad-For-You Job Cycle

Question: When I was reading through your website and found this: “I just left a horrible corporate situation where I felt targeted and bullied. I am resisting jumping back into my job search because I’m afraid this will happen again.” You absolutely nailed the torment I feel right now! That is how I have felt…

Using Acronyms

When and how should acronyms be used during a job application or interview?

Is Personal Branding the Flavor of the Day?

Or Can It Really Help the Invisible Be Seen? Learn tips on how to brand yourself within your company-same techniques can be used if you’re searching for a careeer. As a former marketing director, I have instinctively encouraged all of my clients to use “Madison Avenue” advertising techniques to enhance their visibility within an organization…