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Using Acronyms

Question: I am completing an application for a job and in the job description they use several acronyms. We live in a world of acronyms. On my resume I am used to spelling the complete name of the acronym then putting the acronym in parenthesis. Is it appropriate to just use the acronym in my resume and cover letter if that is how they present it in the job description?

Answer: Yes, you can use acronyms in the cover letter and your resume when they are used in the job posting.  You of course should know what every acronym stands for prior to the interview.  So even if it stands for some internally created proprietary software, you can say, I’ve used XYZ at Qwest which was a similar ERP system or whatever.  I also suggest trying to download a free trial of any software that is in the job description.  This is not always possible but is ideal for interview prep. Good luck!


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