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Leaders Beware! High Performers are Planning their Exit Now

Employers need to re-engage their high-performing employees since most are frustrated by lack of development, raises and feel over-worked and underappreciated. This provides opportunity for the unemployed and anyone ready for a new opportunity.

Over-worked Professionals are Frustrated

As we inch out of this recession, talented employees are beginning to actively explore their options for better jobs, more money, and opportunities. And most important, they are seeking managers who respect them and value their talents and provide work-life balance.

This week, I’ve had three clients land Plan A Jobs. They have been hired by fabulous companies for better salaries (20%-30% higher) and with enhanced titles. They leave with much relief after being “overworked” by companies that downsized in 2009 and then in 2010 enjoyed their most profitable years with their “lean workforce”. These highly skilled IT professionals were handling extra duties formerly done by their laid-off colleagues.

This of course did not translate into higher salaries or even more impressive job titles. Instead the attitude was "you should be glad you have a job”. This scenario has created a frustrated and burnt-out workforce-ready to jump at the first opportunity.

The Opportunity is Now

As a Leader

If you’re a leader in your company, talk to your high-performers Immediately! Find out what their career goals are and help them to move forward. Fight for additional staff to lighten the load of your team and thank your staff for pulling your company through the tough time. Help them build their skill-set by providing extra training and allow them to seek “stretch assignments” so they can be re-invigorated.

If you're unemployed

If you’re unemployed or are one of the disengaged, overworked professionals who kept their companies afloat during the downturn, start your new year off with aggressive networking and job searching. As burnt-out employees jump ship, jobs will open up and you need to be ready to join a new organization.

Hopefully companies will learn that work-life balance and basic respect will again become a corporate value, essential for employee retention. Or if you believe in your current organization, speak up about your frustration and need for balance and growth. You are the CEO of your career!

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