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Don’t Get Voted Off the Island – Master Office Politics

During my seminar on the “Art of Office Politics,” I ask the audience to list the top three dysfunctions at their current organization. Each time I ask a group to share their experiences, the responses get more extreme and these pissed- off employees are absolutely sure that their office is the most dysfunctional organization in…

How to answer questions employers aren’t supposed to ask

Employers may still have the upper hand in today's job market, but jobseekers can make the playing-ground more equal by knowing how to answer tricky questions that may pop up in an interview, like: "What's your marital status?" "Do you plan to have children?" or the latest, "Can I have your Facebook password?" Watch the…

“A Good Job”

Question: I have and always had what others would call "a good job" but somehow I am always dissatisfied and what more/something else. How do we recommend I set myself to obtain the job I love and can keep my interest for more than 9 months? Answer: Yours is a familiar story especially for creative…

Pat Schneider

"Kate’s compassion and passion are apparent in the work provided to our clients. I’ve personally seen her consistently achieve win/win opportunities, often in very difficult and delicate situations. The company as well as our employees see Kate as a valuable asset and are thankful that she’s with us.”  – Pat Schneider, Assistant Vice President of…


Question: This morning I attended your meet-up. Great, thanks! I mentioned that I was interested in branding, such as being "the swiss army knife" of healthcare. Are you able to help me with this idea? Answer: I love to help people create personal branding statements that really connect with targeted audiences ( networking contacts, interviewers etc.). …

Turnaround My Career

Question: My focus is to turnaround my career. However, I realize that I need a "Coach" to see the big picture and structure my Career Transition. I would like to know more about your process, cost etc. Answer: I’d love to support you in turning around your career.  Providing structure, accountability and strategy are the foundation of…

Individual Coaching

Question: I need help in matching my skills and experience with the workplace. I think I need to change careers. I would like to know how much you charge for your individual coaching and group seminars. Answer: Most of my seminars are provided for business clients as a service for their employees. I would love to…

Career Connect Coffee Club

Question: I attended your weekly workshop on South Pearl (the coffee shop) a few years back with my friend Kathleen MacDonald. I found it very helpful. I was interested in coming if you are still having them. I was laid off and need some encouragement!! Answer: Yes, Career Connect Coffee Club continues to meet every…

In the process of a divorce and looking to find a career

Question: I am in the process of a divorce and looking to find a career but have no idea where to start or what I am good at. I noticed you have several seminars but not sure when they are and how much they cost. Could you send me some information or maybe we could…

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