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Saying the “Wrong Thing”

Question: My issue is saying the wrong thing on occasion. Also, some people working "under" me feel intimidated by me. It is only that I am an extrovert. I do not criticize them. If I feel there is something important to bring to their attention I do so directly rather than taking it to the boss and "tattling" on them. This method has failed. In addition, I have been asked to not apply to a company's needs. If it has been several years, can I start applying to their job postings again? I have never been released from a job based on my medical performance and in fact have always had great reviews. Can you please help? I would be most grateful.

Answer: I think it’s fine to start applying to a company if you haven’t reached out in years. Perhaps they have new leadership and HR and you should go for it.

On your other issues, it sounds like you could use some support on dealing with how to give feedback in a way that’s heard as you intended. Many talented people like you are caught up by this communication challenge, especially if you have a tendency to be direct.  I’d love to work with you on this, because your medical skills are needed in our health care system and your talents are being wasted. Let’s talk!


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