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“A Good Job”

Question: I have and always had what others would call "a good job" but somehow I am always dissatisfied and what more/something else. How do we recommend I set myself to obtain the job I love and can keep my interest for more than 9 months?

Answer: Yours is a familiar story especially for creative people who like challenge. I spent years feeling that way and wondered why everyone else seemed to stick with their jobs and seemed fairly satisfied (this is part of the reason I pursued my masters and got into my career as a career coach). I spent 15 years in marketing so I "get" the marketing/sales personality and would love to help you at least understand what's going on with your dissatisfaction.

We can process what motivates you and what's non-negotiable for you in a career. The assessments I use will also give us some valuable information about your interests, values and passions. Then we'll look at a few different directions/possibilities and I'll hook you up with people in my network who are happily working in these fields. You can connect with them and find out what their world is like.

Finally, sometimes we'll discover the problem has been that the corporate culture of the companies you've worked for have not been a fit, rather than the actual work you've been doing. Its usually a combination of factors that creates dissatisfaction.

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