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How Do I Transfer My Skills?

Question: I am at my wits end trying to find a job and I am in dire financial straits. I have received UE and TANF and the workforce resources have not been helpful. I am a professional in finance and insurance and I want to transfer my skills to a marketing position. I have had…

Break the Bad-For-You Job Cycle

Question: When I was reading through your website and found this: “I just left a horrible corporate situation where I felt targeted and bullied. I am resisting jumping back into my job search because I’m afraid this will happen again.” You absolutely nailed the torment I feel right now! That is how I have felt…

Using Acronyms

When and how should acronyms be used during a job application or interview?

“A Good Job”

Question: I have and always had what others would call "a good job" but somehow I am always dissatisfied and what more/something else. How do we recommend I set myself to obtain the job I love and can keep my interest for more than 9 months? Answer: Yours is a familiar story especially for creative…


Question: This morning I attended your meet-up. Great, thanks! I mentioned that I was interested in branding, such as being "the swiss army knife" of healthcare. Are you able to help me with this idea? Answer: I love to help people create personal branding statements that really connect with targeted audiences ( networking contacts, interviewers etc.). …

Turnaround My Career

Question: My focus is to turnaround my career. However, I realize that I need a "Coach" to see the big picture and structure my Career Transition. I would like to know more about your process, cost etc. Answer: I’d love to support you in turning around your career.  Providing structure, accountability and strategy are the foundation of…

Individual Coaching

Question: I need help in matching my skills and experience with the workplace. I think I need to change careers. I would like to know how much you charge for your individual coaching and group seminars. Answer: Most of my seminars are provided for business clients as a service for their employees. I would love to…

Career Connect Coffee Club

Question: I attended your weekly workshop on South Pearl (the coffee shop) a few years back with my friend Kathleen MacDonald. I found it very helpful. I was interested in coming if you are still having them. I was laid off and need some encouragement!! Answer: Yes, Career Connect Coffee Club continues to meet every…

In the process of a divorce and looking to find a career

Question: I am in the process of a divorce and looking to find a career but have no idea where to start or what I am good at. I noticed you have several seminars but not sure when they are and how much they cost. Could you send me some information or maybe we could…