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Wake up HR Professionals! Stack Ranking Employees Has Got to Go!!!

Today I coached a long-time client whom I had supported through a few transitions, including a bold move he took to take a year sabbatical in Latin America. Bob is a consummate Systems Engineer, with a keen analytical mind and a no-nonsense, “get-it-done” approach to any position he lands. Time to Revaluate Bob came to…

Don’t Get Voted Off the Island – Master Office Politics

During my seminar on the “Art of Office Politics,” I ask the audience to list the top three dysfunctions at their current organization. Each time I ask a group to share their experiences, the responses get more extreme and these pissed- off employees are absolutely sure that their office is the most dysfunctional organization in…

Leaders Beware! High Performers are Planning their Exit Now

Employers need to re-engage their high-performing employees since most are frustrated by lack of development, raises and feel over-worked and underappreciated. This provides opportunity for the unemployed and anyone ready for a new opportunity. Over-worked Professionals are Frustrated As we inch out of this recession, talented employees are beginning to actively explore their options for…